Month: June 2021

A Terror From God?

The common view is that alchemy is the magic of turning lead into gold. But this view of alchemy comes from an interpretation of the Syrian fairy story, “Celinai: The Witches of Men”, where an evil woman was forced by the king to become a knight, and so she was forced to become a celinai – a witch – and so she evolved and she changed.

She turned into a knight, a powerful knight who defeated all the enemies of the country. But then, the country’s wishes were fulfilled because the knight was a celinai too, and he became their king.

But the queen had a secret plan. She set the knight on a high tower and used a spell to make him fall in love with her – and marry her. When he found out, he tried to leave but couldn’t, and he had to see the effects of the spell. And so he looked for clues and read the verse in question:

From this we know that the queen put the fear of terror and terror meant to drive someone from being a friend of the king. And so, by the will of the king to rid the world of a terrifying terror, Celinai was driven from the palace and lived covertly ever after under the protection of theCastle ofures.

So was that the end of the story? Well, no. The story continued beyond the entire text of the Bible. And we don’t know exactly where it will go. Gods ways are inscrutable. But Celinai, still carries on in the modern telling of the story in the modern language.

But was Celinai a real person in the story? And was the woman a real person in the story, also? Absolutely. The people who lived in the small, little village knew Celinai intimately. Many of the original inhabitants were descendants of Celinai. So no, the woman in the story was not exclusive to the story.

And so, the literal story of the Bible is a wonderful introduction to the Goddess, but it is limited when it comes to women. The symbol of the Cross of Christ is a powerful powerful image, but the women who were used to bear it were anything but small and innocent. Celinai was a large woman, symbolic of the Earth. She had many arms and hands. She was in charge of stately affairs. As the story goes, she decided to have Jesus Asalonus, her cousin, reveal the hidden Scriptures. But he didn’t want to be involved.

But here’s the real point: our culture bases our society in its essentials. We don’t realize that these things about our world are symbolized by a woman that had many arms and hands. The newfound fascination withmet rebellioushemes evoked male energy, something that the perfect woman cannot do. The foundational symbol of the Virgo, Mystical Goddess, is a woman in heaven. We cannot get to the heart of the matter without understanding how this understanding helps us face the uncomfortable truth about women today.

Once we admit that the Christian God was the original Communicant, we find that a new reality about women arises. The basis of this illusion – a dream made for man’s pleasure – is the truth about women that is a distortion of reality. Women are not imperfect creatures. They are the face of reality, in both its evils and its beauty. Women are the way God reveals the truth about reality to man. We can no longer say that the teachings came directly from God, because that truth was already distorted by believing that man’s pleasure was the reason for the words. In order to grasp the truth, we must know the truth about ourselves.

The truth that we discover is that though women have the potential to be perfect, they frequently do not know their true potential. Not only does the Bible teach that women are not writtendown, but adistorted truththat women are terribly bad, it is the very teachings that socialise and normalise male behaviour.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna reveals to Arjuna the truth about women, instilling in him the importance of warfare for women’s rights. The next section of the Gita (Chapters 11 – 14), discussing married life, brings up the question, “Is it not attrition?” – that is, warfare, preparation for battle, suffering; in other words, preparation for war, but from a male dominating perspective, not from a feminine one.

This perspective means that we don’t recognise the brutality of the truth. We prefer to remain in the comfortable dream, that is, male dominated, maleordered universe. One might argue that we are the better ones for this, but the lack of truth only serves to make the male dominated world a more relatable concept.

This is the distillation of the quote at top.

A Fearful Mishirase

To attend the wedding of one of our members in the town of Geelong, in January several years ago, my wife and I flew from Brisbane to the Avalon airport south of Melbourne, which was close to our destination. Upon our arrival we hired a car for our stay in the area and began the short 20 minute drive to Geelong. As we approached the outskirts of Geelong, we stopped at an information centre to obtain some maps of the region. In particular we wanted to know more about “vanning” which was our term for living out of a car. The information centre was quite new and had not been equipped with computers, so we had to ask a staff member to check our maps for us.

The drive was not difficult, the climate was pleasant, the sky wasoubtedly blue and the roads were well lit. After a few hours of searching the map trying to figure out the “lanterns” limits we decided to get back into the car and continue to our destination. As we approached the area we had enjoyed as a stop, we spotted a particularmotorsports shop gracefully adorned in bright sign. As we approached and stopped Emerson Road, the sign read ” parted by ” it read. “No parking permitted”.

The man behind the counter smiled at us and said,” you’re lucky our customers are permitted to park their cars in this area on this occasion, there are many people visiting for their holidays on this day.Would you like to come in and see our cars? “He ushered us in to his showroom and we were given a choice of any one of two vehicles, a sports car or the standard family car. I selected the standard family car – a fully camouflaged muscle car. I was handsome in my sports car. It was step in the right direction.

Once we had finishedooling down the back of the standard car we headed out of the locality in which we were, to find it was public parking lot where conversions were common. I asked the man if it was possible to park my sports car in this area, he was not sure what I wanted, but it was not costsfull to accommodate me, so I decided to go to another car park which was only ten minutes walk away.

As I approached the car park I saw it was lit up and people were visiting all around. There were many tables set in a semi-circle, on the ground or standing up, many people were visiting and enjoying the atmosphere. I walked over to one of the tables and as I walked closer I could see there were actually two tables in the small group of people seated. I smiled and greeted Jim who was enjoying a coke from a can of pop, also a member of our group, and asked him how his day had gone. He had had surgery the day before and the doctor said he was fine and to come back tomorrow.

He continued to tell us how his day had gone, that he always tries to enjoy the holidays as much as possible, and that he is looking forward to the New Year.

I had decided to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, and at one point I looked at my watch and noticed it was almost 10 p.m. Well I decided maybe I should still come back at a later time, and I decided to check my phone for messages. Sure enough there were several, I picked one and sent it to the person on vacation.

This message was mystifying. The name he gave was that of another passenger on the flight. He had not made the same declarations about his day that I had, and the letter said nothing about any accidents or events that he was unaffected by. He wasn’t saying anything about me either, so I suggested he read it before reacting.

Perhaps this would give him peace of mind and in due time he would make the connection between what the message said and what was happening in his life, right? Wrong. His day continued to get worse and I couldn’t help but share it with one of my friends.

I didn’t share everything with anyone else but as word spreadFarha slowly and surely word spread throughout the community that this Jeremiah fellow was suffering from some form of mental illness and was not doing a good job of his job. A few hours passed, and word spread about what was going on in his life, quite sanely. There was a flurry of e-mails going around as people tried to make sense of this confusion.

Some tried to reason that if he was so depressed it must be due to the loss of some type of joy, and that would explain the reason for his suicide. A lot of people were trying to determine if there was a connection between his state and God, if believing in a God was a sufficient explanation for such a state, and so forth.

Love, Not Devotion – How to Live Life More Effectively

In a world defined by money, power, fame and glory, it is no wonder that people have forgotten love. Money, power, fame and glory have been the hunger of humans from the very beginning and people have always been willing to pay the price.

But because love is more important to life, not only in the eyes of God but in the entire society, people have lost total interest in seeking money, power, fame and glory. They have even lost the desire to become wealthy because they have become so overwhelmed by the things of this world that they feel they have to do anything in their power to get ahead or to survive in this world.

The problem is that in the end, it is the human heart that is the most important part of the human mind. The love for God and humans that exists in the hearts of people is something that can never be completely explained in words. It is a unique magnetism that drives humans to do anything in their life and is the reason why even the most average person will become a success in life if he or she just looks at love instead of money, power, fame and glory.

It is when humans lose their interest in things of the world that they seem to lose their direction of life, why we need so many religions. It is when we lose our direction of life that we usually become dull and we often forget the reason why we are here on earth.

I believe that we are all connected to the same source and it is simply our thoughts that determines what effect or results we create in our lives. We have all been given the power to create changes in our lives and it is the thoughts that we have that determines the results that we create.

It is important to understand this because it is sometimes difficult to gain a sense of understanding when we are lost in our lives and we begin to wonder why we are not happier. It is when we are lost in life that we need our faith and it is the thoughts of ourselves and what we are trying to achieve or deny in our lives that give us our sense of happiness.

When we first wake up in the morning, we are in a state of confusion, we do not know what to do because we have never done this thing called conscious thought. We are still in the state of sleep and our objective is to rid our brain of its redundant functions. As we eliminate each Function, we feel more relaxed and at peace with the world.

First we eliminate the unconscious mind, then the rational mind, then the contemplative mind and finally we eliminate the super-conscious mind. We feel that we have done a sufficient bit of work and that we need to rest and aim to achieve a state of super consciousness in the state of subconscious mind in the state of mind we are in when we go to bed.

When we reach this state we are no longer in this world, but we are in the spiritual state that will carry us through to the next world, where we will find ourselves in the spiritual realm and what we will experience there is up to us and we can train ourselves there however we choose.

There are also two more states of mind that we can reach through the use of the archetype or in more detail The subconscious and superconscious mind.

The subconscious state of mind is the one that is typically triggered when we are in a situation that requires intensive emotional concentration. All the thoughts and solutions you come up with will be extremely tight and you will feel extremely task-full of yourself, you will feel totally focused on the immediate task and all the perceived solutions that you come up with will be extremely narrow and will feel 100% effort.

You will not be able to feel any stress. In the superconscious state of mind, your subconscious mind can begin to relax and you can feel the most abstracted and plastic sensations. You will feel the most compassion and sadness and most feeling of extremely tiredness.

Lastly, you will reach a state of compassion where you will feel the most love by the fact that you are able to save another whom you truly love and feel such a strong connection and love for. The super consciousness state of mind will allow you to have total freedom to the highest degree without any stress or discomfort.