A Terror From God?

The common view is that alchemy is the magic of turning lead into gold. But this view of alchemy comes from an interpretation of the Syrian fairy story, “Celinai: The Witches of Men”, where an evil woman was forced by the king to become a knight, and so she was forced to become a celinai – a witch – and so she evolved and she changed.

She turned into a knight, a powerful knight who defeated all the enemies of the country. But then, the country’s wishes were fulfilled because the knight was a celinai too, and he became their king.

But the queen had a secret plan. She set the knight on a high tower and used a spell to make him fall in love with her – and marry her. When he found out, he tried to leave but couldn’t, and he had to see the effects of the spell. And so he looked for clues and read the verse in question:

From this we know that the queen put the fear of terror and terror meant to drive someone from being a friend of the king. And so, by the will of the king to rid the world of a terrifying terror, Celinai was driven from the palace and lived covertly ever after under the protection of theCastle ofures.

So was that the end of the story? Well, no. The story continued beyond the entire text of the Bible. And we don’t know exactly where it will go. Gods ways are inscrutable. But Celinai, still carries on in the modern telling of the story in the modern language.

But was Celinai a real person in the story? And was the woman a real person in the story, also? Absolutely. The people who lived in the small, little village knew Celinai intimately. Many of the original inhabitants were descendants of Celinai. So no, the woman in the story was not exclusive to the story.

And so, the literal story of the Bible is a wonderful introduction to the Goddess, but it is limited when it comes to women. The symbol of the Cross of Christ is a powerful powerful image, but the women who were used to bear it were anything but small and innocent. Celinai was a large woman, symbolic of the Earth. She had many arms and hands. She was in charge of stately affairs. As the story goes, she decided to have Jesus Asalonus, her cousin, reveal the hidden Scriptures. But he didn’t want to be involved.

But here’s the real point: our culture bases our society in its essentials. We don’t realize that these things about our world are symbolized by a woman that had many arms and hands. The newfound fascination withmet rebellioushemes evoked male energy, something that the perfect woman cannot do. The foundational symbol of the Virgo, Mystical Goddess, is a woman in heaven. We cannot get to the heart of the matter without understanding how this understanding helps us face the uncomfortable truth about women today.

Once we admit that the Christian God was the original Communicant, we find that a new reality about women arises. The basis of this illusion – a dream made for man’s pleasure – is the truth about women that is a distortion of reality. Women are not imperfect creatures. They are the face of reality, in both its evils and its beauty. Women are the way God reveals the truth about reality to man. We can no longer say that the teachings came directly from God, because that truth was already distorted by believing that man’s pleasure was the reason for the words. In order to grasp the truth, we must know the truth about ourselves.

The truth that we discover is that though women have the potential to be perfect, they frequently do not know their true potential. Not only does the Bible teach that women are not writtendown, but adistorted truththat women are terribly bad, it is the very teachings that socialise and normalise male behaviour.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna reveals to Arjuna the truth about women, instilling in him the importance of warfare for women’s rights. The next section of the Gita (Chapters 11 – 14), discussing married life, brings up the question, “Is it not attrition?” – that is, warfare, preparation for battle, suffering; in other words, preparation for war, but from a male dominating perspective, not from a feminine one.

This perspective means that we don’t recognise the brutality of the truth. We prefer to remain in the comfortable dream, that is, male dominated, maleordered universe. One might argue that we are the better ones for this, but the lack of truth only serves to make the male dominated world a more relatable concept.

This is the distillation of the quote at top.