Have you ever considered theidelity of God? Of course, God is forever faithful (Hebrews 10:25). God took a personal and real interest in you during that time. Maybe you never noticed that. Maybe it was just something you forgot. But He cared.

I’m personally very confident that God remains close at hand. Because I know that, I know that when it comes my turn to speak to Him, I will be confident in what I say because His Spirit will certainly give me the courage up to say what needs saying. I know that it’s not chicken feed; it’s food that He’s prepared for me to eat. He’s personally interested in what I have to say, and wants to hear it.

You see, I know that God is always speaking. He’s given me specific examples of exactly when and what to say so that, in due time, I would hear Him; His voice. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. My time is coming. He’s speaking to me about the things I have to say. I just have to be watchful and listen attentively.

You too can be confident in the fact that He is speaking to you at this very moment. Why? Because the One Who is speaking to you is your Abba Father. He is your Father. He is also the One who is giving you the promises of faithfulness in the future. He is the One who spoke into your ear the words that became “love instruction” on the night you were too scared to take that first step; He is the One who kept you from being unable to recognize the tiny footsteps He has taken for you; He is the One who drew you into the fullness of who you are, allowing you to see that you are something quite marvelous and beautiful.

Beloved, I would love to take a walk with you, one morning, through the woods by the ledge of a mountaintop. My feet would thump happily on the stones; my eyes would contentedly gaze upon the beauty before me. I would never want to forsake Him there. Just imagine the view as His gaze, His plan, His joy, His plan for me. He left a piece of Himself in my heart, and He wants to use it to bring me to Him. Can you picture Him back in the garden, suddenly stopping to shout a warning to the plants? And the plants, being confident that He heard, stand firm and upright in His presence, as though He hadn’t stepped away? Can you picture Him standing in the meadow as He shouted in your presence, saying, “Peace, be still. My soul is troubled, but my Heavenly Father’s quiet love isattentive, as He looks out over all His creation.”

In essence, what I’m talking about is a type of communication that is invisible. No one can hear it nor see it with physical ears, yet, it happens. You could be hearing it, but saying, thinking or seeing but notfeellingthe sound. My Father’s heavenly communication is valid, yet it cannot be heard nor seen. No matter how you may be feeling in your spirit, there is a silent,yet undeniably confirmed communication from Heaven, right here on earth. Everything and everyone who has ever lived is living in Heaven, and is a part of Heaven, whether they know it or not. Three declaring “I” truths, that I have experienced, is a heavenly communication, a declaration that I truthfully declare “I am a part of the encompassing Presence of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These are my first two truths, God confirmed. It was with my spirit that I acknowledged my first two truths. It is through my spirit, I am now able to confirm these last two.

The Father’s love is beyond my human understanding, and His grace is so magnificent and kind that, He takes the time to show Himself to me, and I am so totally in His love, that it brings down the fatherhood to earth. I can see the Father, and the Son. It’s as though He is right here beside me, seeing all that I do, the good I do, the bad I do, the same way He does, It’s not complicated. It’s not hard. It just is. It’s clear. It just is. I get it, I really do.

So my point is that we need to be alive and feel the presence of the Lord so that we can truly and fully commune with Him. Just like my sheep, lost in the wilderness, we need a home to come. God is calling to us.


Chronicles 5:24

  1. Then Elisha said, “Golden Paths have they which guide the wise in the way.