Love, Not Devotion – How to Live Life More Effectively

In a world defined by money, power, fame and glory, it is no wonder that people have forgotten love. Money, power, fame and glory have been the hunger of humans from the very beginning and people have always been willing to pay the price.

But because love is more important to life, not only in the eyes of God but in the entire society, people have lost total interest in seeking money, power, fame and glory. They have even lost the desire to become wealthy because they have become so overwhelmed by the things of this world that they feel they have to do anything in their power to get ahead or to survive in this world.

The problem is that in the end, it is the human heart that is the most important part of the human mind. The love for God and humans that exists in the hearts of people is something that can never be completely explained in words. It is a unique magnetism that drives humans to do anything in their life and is the reason why even the most average person will become a success in life if he or she just looks at love instead of money, power, fame and glory.

It is when humans lose their interest in things of the world that they seem to lose their direction of life, why we need so many religions. It is when we lose our direction of life that we usually become dull and we often forget the reason why we are here on earth.

I believe that we are all connected to the same source and it is simply our thoughts that determines what effect or results we create in our lives. We have all been given the power to create changes in our lives and it is the thoughts that we have that determines the results that we create.

It is important to understand this because it is sometimes difficult to gain a sense of understanding when we are lost in our lives and we begin to wonder why we are not happier. It is when we are lost in life that we need our faith and it is the thoughts of ourselves and what we are trying to achieve or deny in our lives that give us our sense of happiness.

When we first wake up in the morning, we are in a state of confusion, we do not know what to do because we have never done this thing called conscious thought. We are still in the state of sleep and our objective is to rid our brain of its redundant functions. As we eliminate each Function, we feel more relaxed and at peace with the world.

First we eliminate the unconscious mind, then the rational mind, then the contemplative mind and finally we eliminate the super-conscious mind. We feel that we have done a sufficient bit of work and that we need to rest and aim to achieve a state of super consciousness in the state of subconscious mind in the state of mind we are in when we go to bed.

When we reach this state we are no longer in this world, but we are in the spiritual state that will carry us through to the next world, where we will find ourselves in the spiritual realm and what we will experience there is up to us and we can train ourselves there however we choose.

There are also two more states of mind that we can reach through the use of the archetype or in more detail The subconscious and superconscious mind.

The subconscious state of mind is the one that is typically triggered when we are in a situation that requires intensive emotional concentration. All the thoughts and solutions you come up with will be extremely tight and you will feel extremely task-full of yourself, you will feel totally focused on the immediate task and all the perceived solutions that you come up with will be extremely narrow and will feel 100% effort.

You will not be able to feel any stress. In the superconscious state of mind, your subconscious mind can begin to relax and you can feel the most abstracted and plastic sensations. You will feel the most compassion and sadness and most feeling of extremely tiredness.

Lastly, you will reach a state of compassion where you will feel the most love by the fact that you are able to save another whom you truly love and feel such a strong connection and love for. The super consciousness state of mind will allow you to have total freedom to the highest degree without any stress or discomfort.