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To feel more relaxed, focused and lorem ipsum dolor

To feel more relaxed, focused, take a breath and chill out.

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The key to happiness and a stress free live is mediation and time for yourself

Emotional Mastery Class

learn the basics to success on this mastery course

$ 9

Past Guided Meditation

guided med for the person that wants to move forward in their life.

$ 12

Why meditation classes?

There are so many benefits to medidtation.


Meditation Starter Kit

get started with something, sometime, somewhere


Body Scan Meditation

scan your body for stress


Balancing Meditation

learn balance and efficiency

About me

Learn from my many years of experience as a coach and mentor. personally tailored for your needs.

What my students say

simply the best, loved it
Amira Talley
Meditation Starter Kit Class
relaxing and informed, feel so much better
Andi Lane
Balancing Meditation Class
Fabio is the boss, great work and easy to get on with
Dianna Smiley
Emotional Mastery Class